scOrange Workflows

Data Visualization with t-SNE

Loads the data from scOrange’s single-cell datasets server and feed it into a spreadsheet viewer and t-SNE visualization. To see the raw data, double click on the Data Table widget. Or double click on the t-SNE widget for the display of cell landscape.

Marker Genes and Subpopulations

This workflow uses Score Cell and Marker Genes widget to score the cells according to the expression of selected markers. Scored cells can be passed to, say, t-SNE visualization, where any change of a selection of marker genes will automatically trigger the update in t-SNE to identify an associated subpopulation of cells.

Clustering and t-SNE

Load the data, cluster, and explore the clustering structure in the t-SNE embedding. Select a subset of cells in the embedding to examine their type in the Box Plot.